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We're currently searching for talented, emerging visual artists to join us on our journey to change the art commerce industry. All media are welcome.

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Before you join us... here are some of the things we believe:

The arts have tremendous potential for social good. Whether helping communities rebuild in the aftermath of a disaster, opening our eyes and minds to worlds unknown, or injecting a little joy in the everyday, the arts have immense power - and it's our job to share more of it with the world.

Art should be affordable. We believe it's possible to support our artists, while also driving towards our goal of making the arts more accessible to everyone. Keeping our business out of brick-and-mortar allows us to work with our artists to keep prices reasonable -and profits in their pockets.

We live online, but we're building a real-life community of artists and art lovers. The interweb is here to stay, but we're also committed to making it feel a little smaller. We encourage our artists and patrons to connect with and support one another.  And of course, don't ever hesitate to drop us a line.

Quality over quantity. We know this is the key to a successful online business, so we have high standards for our artists. We want you to be successful, so we require high quality photos and detailed descriptions.

Diversity is critical. Science proves that we're all better off when our communities are more diverse. We're seeking to build the most diverse collective possible; this includes artistic media, gender, race, sexual orientation, geography, so on and so forth. 


Doing good is good for business. This is table stakes. Treating our customers and artists with transparency and respect is core to our business, and we're always open to ways of making our business more socially impactful and inclusive. 

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